Experienced Representation

When it comes to resolving legal issues, picking the right attorney is essential to making things go smoothly. In private practice since 1982, Joy B. Savren has been serving northeastern Ohio for over 30 years.

As a family law attorney, mediator and collaborative attorney, she is dedicated to assisting clients facing divorce or dissolution, post-divorce, or other family law matters through negotiation, communication, mediation, and agreement toward the best resolution for all involved, avoiding costly litigation. Joy is also a skilled advocate, knowledgeable about special issues facing same-sex married and unmarried couples, and their children. 


Assisting clients facing divorce or dissolution, post-divorce or other family law matters toward a resolution that best benefits all involved

Assisting unmarried clients in custody, child support and post decree matters

When you need an experienced attorney to help navigate the areas of probate, estate administration, and estate planning

Assisting clients in civil litigation matters including real estate, personal injury, and unbundled services

Memberships & Associations

Ms. Savren revised wills & mpoas for myself & my partner. She also dissolved a living trust for my partner & handled the revision/filing of property deeds. She explained all our options in detail & advised the best course of action for us...
— Evelyn
Joy was amazingly helpful in a custody hearing! She was able to make the process seamless and uncomplicated. We appreciated her advice and because of it, we were successful in winning custody.
— Rebecca
I have used Joy’s services since my first divorce in 1989. She has since handled many issues for my family. Just recently she handled my In-laws Estate. She has provided me with timely information on occasion...
— Debbie